The Benefits of Purified Water

Most people understand the importance of drinking plenty of water throughout the day. It keeps the body hydrated to help it perform many of the functions needed to maintain health. Proper hydration also helps to maintain healthier, younger-looking skin. Proper water intake can also aid in weight-loss. Unfortunately, the tap water in the home can be filled with contaminates and other deposits that can diminish the health benefits and often the taste of the water. This can make it difficult for people to get the water they need.

Filtered Water

Filtered water provides cleaner, better-tasting water. The filtration process can remove minerals and other deposits commonly found in water that can affect the way the water tastes. It can also remove many of the chemicals and byproducts left behind by the cleaning process used by many localities. Filtered water can also remove the excessive fluoride often added to water. Although fluoride can provide oral health benefits, too much fluoride can weaken the immune system and even accelerate the signs of aging.

Bottled Water

Bottled water has become the common method for many people to get cleaner water. It is often filtered and provides better-tasting water that promotes increased consumption. However, bottled water has many disadvantages, as well. The bottles the water is sold in has been shown to leak a variety of chemicals into the water. This can make bottled water more dangerous than tap water. The bottles are also a major problem for the environment. The increase in this waste has created a serious burden on the earth.

Filtration Systems

Another option for getting better water is to have a filtration system installed in the home. Systems, such as the Berkey water purifier, provide an in-home method for removing the harmful chemicals and deposits in the home’s tap water. It is more convenient for consumers to get water from their tap than run to the store to purchase bottled water. This system is also more cost-effective than bottled water.

Drinking filtered water provides a healthier method for getting the water everyone needs to maintain a healthy life. A filtration system provides these benefits without adding harmful plastic waste to the environment. It will also make it easier getting the whole family to drink more water each day.

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